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www.Sabay.com.kh – Sabay News Website [News.Sabay.com.kh]


What is Sabay News

Sabay News (News.sabay.com.kh) is a local news website in Cambodia which mainly focus on entertainment and lifestyle news as well as tips and daily interesting stories to all the reader. It is found in 2010 by Sabay Digital Corporation which is known to be a biggest online gaming company that time in Cambodia. Sabay News gain their popularity rapidly since the day they start their journey in the digital publishing industry of Cambodia.

What News Does News.Sabay.com.kh Provide?

Sabay News has 4 different types of news to provide reader, they are:

  • Entertainment: It covers everything from local to international entertainment news, which can celeb gossip, interview, movie roundup & review as well as all celeb related news. This is one of the most read section of this website.
  • Technology: It covers everything technology news, from new mobile device announcement, reviews as well as tech and gadget price round up to get you up-to-date with current price on the tech market in Cambodia. Also sometimes, they feature tech celeb in Cambodia. They also provide the internet or mobile tutorial to solve daily tech problem which people always face too.
  • Life & Social: This is one of the coolest parts of this website. In this section, you will found many articles/news to read related to special news in the society or the world as well as tips related to health, education etc. You will also find interesting news which always goes viral too.
  • Sports News: I think this one is the most loved section of this website. They always publish daily hot news update of any sports, both local and international. The special thing, is that they are one the most successful local sports news provider with very hot news update and interview as well as reaction, just all kinds of things related to local sports news.

Even if Sabay news  is one of the leading news website in its area of industry, this website still havs some points to improve also, such as they need to make sure all Spelling in their news are accurate, as well as writing their news headline more professionally. Thier current design is acceptable, and also look pretty good on mobile device, which is 100% responsive design.

One thought on “www.Sabay.com.kh – Sabay News Website [News.Sabay.com.kh]

  1. news.sabay.com.kh is an entertainment news website made by Sabay company which is the first online gaming company in Cambodia. On this website, you can found a lot of news & interesting article about entertainment society, social news & event, technology as well as sport.

    The website recently attracts a lot of readers which come from their huge promotion on Facebook as well as publish more content than ever.

    The good thing that I love about this website is because they have the best clean web design that allows us easily to read. But I have something that I don’t like about this website too. I am not sure how they train their writer anyways, but their writers often have spelling mistakes even in the headline. Sometime, they don’t use Khmer grammar correctly and I am not sure how much they familiar with the Khmer language. But however, I really support their sport news.

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