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www.CAMHR.com – Best Website to Look for a job in Cambodia

Among all many other Cambodia Job listing website, www.CamHR.com seems to be a leader in this industry. As other countries, since the boom of the internet in Cambodia, there are more and more websites created in the job niches to offer more opportunity for local as well as the expat to look for a job easier and faster in Cambodia.


What Make CamHR.com a Successful Job Website in Cambodia?

Based on our deep research on CamHR website as well as do some comparison with its competitor in the same industry, here are their advantages which we found on their website that perform better than the big boys in town.

  • Tons of Jobs: It is well established, with many employer and employee come to visit this website everyday make it still keep being the most popular one. You can see tons of jobs there, no need to look at other website with less job at all.
  • Many Job Categories: You can easily look for different jobs based on many different categories, which is well arranged and help you to navigate them easily.
  • Easy to Search: This function will save you tons of time of keep browsing to find your favorite.dream jobs. At their homepage you will find a nice search box to filter with Location and Category as well as keyword. You also can do advance search, to find your job using more criteria such as full time or part time job.
  • 3 Languages: You can use CamHR in 3 languages (Khmer, English and Chinese). Very easy to switch the language.
  • Easily access the list of Urgent Job: You can look for job announcement which the employer are very urgent to look for employees, you can take the chance fast and get the job that fits you. Easy huh?
  • Many Tips Related to Job Hunting: They also have a section on their website with many tips and tricks on improving yourself n order to get your dream job, including interviews tips and etc.
  • All Job Seekers to register and Upload Thier CV: This even give more chance to all job seeker, which all those CV and profile can be filtered and searched by Employer, who tend to look at the database of Job seekers in the system of CamHR.

What Type of Jobs you can look for on CamHR ?

Here are all the categories of jobs available on CamHR:

Translation/Interpretation , Manufacturing , Accounting , Quality Control , Resort/Casino , Consultancy, Travel Agent/Ticket Sales, Security/Driver , Project Management , Operations , Management , Sales, Telecommunication , Finance , Administration , Merchandising/Purchasing , Lawyer/Legal Service , Hotel/Hospitality , Freight/Shipping/Delivery/Warehouse , Architecture/Engineering , Technician , Customer Service , Marketing , Media/Advertising , Human Resource , Information Technology , Banking/Insurance , Assistant/Secretary , Cleaner/Maid , Catering/Restaurant, Medical/Health/Nursing , Audit/Taxation , Design, Education/Training , Cashier/Receptionist  and Many More..

Popular types of Jobs on CamHR

Here are the top 7 most popular job categories on CamHR these days: (Also reflect the current employment statistics in Cambodia too)

  • Accounting
  • Education
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Sale
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service 
  • Management 

Where Phnom Penh city is the city with the highest number of job available, following by Sihanouk Province and Siem Reap Province.

How to Look For Employee on Camhr (Post Job Announcement)

You might need to register for an Employer account, and then post a job (See the fee first and choose the job posting package that you need) and then make payment and your job announcement will goes live very soon.

Some Popular Cambodia Jobs Website

However, even if CamHR is a leader of Job Seeking websites, but that doesn’t mean that all other job websites are useless. Here is the list of other job seeking websites in Cambodia which you can consider checking it out too:


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3 thoughts on “www.CAMHR.com – Best Website to Look for a job in Cambodia

  1. There are not less than 30 websites in Cambodia which available for looking and applying for the job you can find but not many of them are popular all, only some. CamHR.com is another Cambodia job website which is very successful and also very popular for all Cambodian people to seek for job by looking online without finding on the local newspaper or at any news board.

    At Camhr.com you can find many types of job such as accounting, marketing and sale, IT and design, engineering and many other types as well as scholarship or so.

    The best thing about this website is that you can find job via your liked location or categories which save you a lot of time for browsing for your target job.

    You no need to excuse for having no idea how to get your job if you don’t know much as about writing CV or doing job interview since on this website has a lot of resource in text and video that teach you about it for you freely.

    I have known a lot of people who can find a job they love at Camhr.com ,recently my friend also just got a new design job from this website too.

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