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www.bongthom.com – Best Khmer Job website

www.bognthom.com one of the oldest and biggest job searching website in Cambodia which many people relying on finding career with this website.Nowadays, on Bongthom.com you can find a lot of job posted that you can check all about their requirement and further instruction for the job too. You can also find all the type of Job categories on this website and I am sure 99% of those job are not scam because Bongthom.com is far the most famous and trustful website.

At this website, you can find a lot of job posted by famous and big company or organization which you can see that some crappy job cannot be posted here, only quality post of job announcement.

Beside job announcement on this website, you can also see another section of free classified ads on this website where you can register and post free classified on this website for free without costing any money. You can advertise you used stuff for sale, your service which will be read by a lot of people in Cambodia.

There are already many people who already benefits their career life from Bonthom.com.

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