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www.khmer24.com – Best Khmer Free Classified Ads Website


www.Khmer24.com is the first and most popular free classified ads website in Cambodia. I think we can call it Cambodian Craigslist.  Was found in 2008, Khmer24 now has thousands of members and many free ads are posted daily on this website. There are some reasons why it becomes the most popular, but the main reason is its ease of use as well as it is established when the internet start to boom in the country too. Here below, We will talk more about this.

Why Should you Use Khmer24.com ?

Here are some reasons, why you should use Khmer24 or we can say the reasons why it becomes popular like this.

  • Ease Of Use: It is simple, yeah very simple to use. You can find product/service that people advertise easily. You Might want to check it out, every time you look to buy/rent a new house or just looking for a motorcycle or car that other people want to use.
  • Tons of Users, Tons os Ads: If you want to post something, it will reach a lot of users easily. Because people are already there, and if you would like to look for something, just go there too. Because there are a lot of ads there.
  • It’s Free: Hey man, This is free, you won’t be charged anything, sell what you want and deal with customer yourself.
  • Nice design website and Fast: Since it was launched in 2008, something like 2014 or 2015, this website got redesigned to make it look very clean and loads very fast and you will face very little down time with this website.

Bonus Tips: How To Successfully use Khmer24.com to post free classified ads?

You might have some ideas to sell something or to promote your current product/services to read more customer. You miht wan to look at free chanel to do promotion, come on man, take a look at Khmer24. You need to register for a free account and also confirm your phone number. And then start posting/promotng yoru product or service. It sound easy, but if you really want to make goes succesfully, here are soem tips for you:

  • Make your Headline Clear and Attractive: As it says, make it look attractive that people might want to click and check it out. Let say you have a flat house for sale, in Toul Tum Pong, Phnom Penh. You can write your headline as “A Beautiful Flat house for Sale, in Toul Tum Pong Area” or write it in Khmer. Don’t just write “want to sell my house” or “sell house urgent” like some guys already did that.
  • Use Photo, Clear and Useful: There was a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Make sure you attach good photos of your stuff or property properly. If you want to sell your car, make your you have around 4 or 6 photos with front views, side view, back view or interior view like that. If you sell your house, also make sure your photo can tell about 85% about your house before any interested buyer come to see it in their real eyes.
  • Write informative and Persuasive  description: Make sure your description is properly written. It shouldn’t be too long or too short, make sure it is easy to read and convince people to try your product and service. It should be persuasive, make sure you sell the benefits. Describe how the buyer will be able to do with the product or service rather than what feature that your products have. I don’t think you will need to hire a copywriter to write this for you, and yeah, if possible. Write both Khmer and English version here.
  • Share Share Share: Don’t just publish and close your browser. Go ahead and share your ads on all your social network (Facebook, Twitter, Line or anything else that you can share) or ask your friends to help sharing and spreading your product/service to the worlds.

One thought on “www.khmer24.com – Best Khmer Free Classified Ads Website

  1. If you are looking for a website in Cambodia which provide free service of posting classified ads, then khmer24.com is a good place to consider.This website started in 2008 which is now the busiest website in Cambodia which is visited by a lot of visitor in order to post and browse classified ads.

    If you want to find house or land listing then this is a good website you need to check out because there are a lot of people post those classified and may fit your need.

    You can also browse or filter the price as well as other categories too.

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