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PNN TV Cambodia – New and Leading TV Channel in Cambodia

PNN Tv Cambodia

PNN(People Nation Network) is a new TV Channel in Cambodia which was launched in late 2015, is now can be considered as one of the most popular TV channels in Cambodia which you need to check out now. It is known to be an investment by a well know Cambodia tycoon, Ly Yong Phat who also owns many other big businesses in Cambodia.

Why PNN is a leading TV Channel in Cambodia

PNN is a very modern TV Channel which equipped by modern technology as well as with strong management team with experience. Thier General Manager is Glen Felgate who in well known in Cambodia since he was the manager CTN TV since it was established in the early 2000s. They also have many great programs to entertain you such as

  • Khmer Drama: Admit it, right now you can’t find other TV channels in Cambodia which can produce Khmer drama in the same quality like PNN does.
  • Many Dramas: You can find many interesting dramas to watch on this channel, which is from China, Thailand, and Korea which is the most popular drama among Cambodia audience.
  • News: Thier news program is very fast and accurate.
  • Many More great Program: From Kids, Sport as well as Entertainment and TV Concert. PNN has all those things to offer for you, just be sure you turn your TV on and stick with PNN.

Top 3 Main PNN Competitors in Cambodia

However, even if PNN is doing a job in a very great way, there are still many other great TV channels in Cambodia which are also popular in Cambodia too such as:

  • CBS Network (CTN, MYTV & CNC): Operated u early 2000s, CBS only has CTN TV at fist until now they have 2 other sister channels MYTV (Entertainment) & CNC (News). It is own by Royal Groups of Kit Meng, who is the most famous and powerful tycoon in Cambodia. CBS has many great TV programs, news as well as local & international drama for you.
  • Bayon Network (Bayon, ETV & BTV): Bayon TV Network is known as owned by Hun Mana (Prime minister Hun Sen’s Sister). It has been the oldest player in town until got a facelift some years ago which expand from a lonely Bayon Channel to be a new Bayon 2 Channel which is now changed its name to BTV and another channel called ETV which man=inly focus on entertainment and sport.
  • Hang Meas (Hang Meas TV & Reaksmey Hang Meas TV): Hang Meas is a well know music production in Cambodia, until 2014 which they also started a TV channel with the same name called Hang Meas TV Channel and in 2015 they add a new channel to their portfolio called “Reaksmey Hang Meas” channel. These both channel, broadcast almost the same style of broadcasting, their most popular program are their Morning news as well as Cambodia Idol The Voice Cambodia and Cambodia Got Talents. Those are very very popular for Cambodian people in their weekend evening.

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