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Top 7 Part-Time Jobs for University Students in Cambodia

In Cambodia, you can find good universities in Phnom Penh. If you are graduated from high school at the province and you wish to pursue your higher education, you have to move to Phnom Penh. There are number of good public and private universities. It becomes a typical issue for those who move from province, they probably might not be able to afford for school fee. But this common issue will be solved in ways. You province people can find a part time job in order to pay for your school fee and afford your living in the city. Maybe these part time jobs list can provide you idea in which job that you easily can apply for in Phnom Penh.

1. Barista


Barista is a person who is specially trained in the making and serving of coffee drinks, according to dictionary. There are plenty of brand coffee shops as well as the small street coffee shops lay down at famous area in Phnom Penh city. As seen, the number of baristas needed are so high. And in each shop, it has many time slots. So; if you wish to have a job as a barista, you can do so. Give yourself a try by apply CV and detail your available time, you will be considered in which time slot that you can work for. You don’t need experienced as a barista because they will train you about this. This job is good, and you can earn well.

2. Cashier


You don’t need experienced or bachelor degree in finance and banking or related fields to work as a cashier. All you need is high responsibility, strong personality and your sense of conscientiously because you need to work with money, you have to carefully whenever the money is on your hands. Plenty of restaurants, mini marts, cosmetic shops, coffee shops and other places that selling products; they are in need of cashier. So, you can have this job as a part time job.

3. Freelancer

Choosing the right field to study in university, you are going to have a hard time if you choose it wrong. It is important for you to choose the field that you love but what you love is not enough, you need to make sure that your study field is the right field for the future job market in Cambodia. Then; after graduated, you can find a good job that you are happy with, and also match to your degree. It sounds so cool. For example: You are a student majoring in Architecture, you can improve your skill by join the talented group (referring to the group that willing to work as an architect). What I experienced from this, it means you have a team that willing to work on doodle – a rough drawing made absent-mindedly. You then can show your doodle drawing somewhere and make ads to attract people to see your work. When they see your amazing drawing, they probably asking you for drawing. You will be a freelance doodler, you can either design logo or draw graffiti as order. You can improve your skill at the same time, while you are studying in Architecture. Frankly, this job provides you high paid salary but your work does take time. In short; freelancer is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. They can work on freelance based on their fields or something they know well.

4. Tutor

If you know how to teach, why don’t you get paid by being a tutor? If you are good at any subject at university, you can teach your junior. You can earn from this. This can help you to earn as well as to improve your knowledge. It is a good start for your career.

5. Receptionist


You might start your job from bottom, but don’t be afraid to show your ability. You will grow from that bottom, it’s true. Being a receptionist, it’s just like a startup job even you feel like your current qualification and education are higher than this job does but you still have to work with high responsibility and self-commitment. Value your job, you will grow high and fast. So; your spare time from university, you can find a job as a receptionist. You can work at your university as a receptionist, why not? Ask your lecturers, they probably know or can help you with this. Don’t worry, your university won’t make you unemployed during and after graduated.

6. Leaflet or Brochure Distributor

Are you willing to work under the sunlight just to earn money for your living in Phnom Penh or not? Do you see people who stand at the traffic light bring leaflet or brochure for you when you stop during red light? Yes, they are a leaflet or brochure distributor. They have number of leaflets and brochure in their hands, they distribute it. Not only distribute it at traffic light, you may see them at the malls or in front of universities. This job is easy but earn less, still you have to be one of them because you rather receive small amount of money than to be penniless. It is your choice!

7. Waiter or waitress

Number of restaurants are increasing from day to day in our city, you don’t have to worry if you are currently a university student and looking for a job. Because a restaurant can’t run without waiter or waitress, so you will be chose to be a part of it. Let adapt yourself and meet up new different type of classes of people in our society, learn to serve them from your heart. Some of them might not be easy to get along with, so you need to learn and solve this problem. Stay humble because different people have different attitude, you can’t expect the best from them. This is just an example for you to be ready in your future career. If you can stand with this worse situation, you will find yourself easily in your future career. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Top 7 Part-Time Jobs for University Students in Cambodia

  1. I want to find part time for making some money for my living cost at university life and more get experience also.

  2. I want to job type part time because i can spend time of study at university and english or chinese that i have to study both language ….

  3. Are you a Cambodian university student who wants to find some part time job in order to gain some job experience as well as making some money during your study to pay for your living cost? If so you are coming to the right place, let me talking something about this.Of course, being a university is so fun and very enjoyable while you are preparing yourself to get a good job or to run any business in a very short future after you graduate your course. But if you find some part time job to do in this time, you will get more job experience as well as study more about some working situation that you cannot learn just in school. Although for some student whose family doesn’t have enough money for them to play for their university cost, then working part time can help them to make some money that can pay for their school fee. So working part time during your university life can be very useful while you only spend from 3 hours or even a half day every day.

    However, during this time, I don’t recommend you go to work for full time because you will have less time for your study and then you will be sorry one day. The best ways to find a part time job is to search on some Cambodian job website which you will find a lot of job listings that may interested you.

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