Are Cambodian people friendly? – Travelling Cambodia Tips

“Are Cambodian people friendly?” , I believe you wonder about this before you go to Cambodia for the first time. And people are really an important factor when going to any country. Of course, I can say that Cambodian people are very much friendly but only they are a bit[…]

Nokia Mobile Phone Shop in Phnom Penh Cambodia

‘You won’t find any problem in order to try to buy Nokia Phone from the mobile phone shop in Phnom Penh, Because it is widely sold as well as it is exclusively distributed into Cambodia by KTH (K Thong Huot) Telecom Limited with right from the Nokia Company  (Currently now[…]

Khmer Kickboxing program on TV 5 Cambodia

Are you the one who like watching kickboxing? For yes, I absolute say yes because it is my favorite TV program for me as well as the sport that I like a long with football. In Cambodian many people like watching boxing as well as Khmer Kickboxing that is very[…]

Watching Khmer Song Music Video on MyTV Cambodia

MyTV Cambodia is a popular Khmer TV channel that gets a lot of support from Cambodian youth. It is the only one TV in Cambodia that is dedicated to daily entertainment especially music and youth. Every day, I really enjoying watching music video or live music on this TV with[…] Khmer Cambodia News website Homepage is a Cambodian Khmer News website homepage in Cambodia that allows everyone to read Khmer news in Khmer language that can help everyone to knows hot news everyday to get up to date with society. Of course, no one can live without knowing any current news at all, Kampucheathmey[…]