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Khmer Kickboxing program on TV 5 Cambodia

Are you the one who like watching kickboxing? For yes, I absolute say yes because it is my favorite TV program for me as well as the sport that I like a long with football. In Cambodian many people like watching boxing as well as Khmer Kickboxing that is very popular. You can watch this sport on many TV channel in Cambodia but today I only talk about some kick boxing program on TV 5 only.

TV 5 might be the first TV that made the Khmer traditional program go live in Cambodia to people all over the country. Nowadays there are 2 days in the weeks that you can enjoy those kick boxing program on TV, it if on Friday and Sunday. On these two days you can enjoy it on your TV screen or you can go to see it directly at TV 5 station which the whole match and program are held where you can see the real scene and also the real boxer that you can give more help to them. I like to watch it because it is the only sport that has been lasted for long in Cambodian history as well as it is a very addictive game too. There are great match as well as great boxer every weeks on TV 5 that won’t make you upset.

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