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Khmer Cambodian News on CTN TV

CTN is one of the most favorite TV of Cambodian people for watching Khmer news because this TV channel can bring the very fresh and breaking news on time because a lot of Cambodian people rely on TV for following the news on time.On CTN TV you can watch many news programs on 24 hours, due to Cambodia time, in the morning you can watch a long review of Cambodian news such as big event or follow some social and security news or so which also have news prediction as well as new analyses also.

In the afternoon also have a short session of news too but not really in detail such as the morning and also in the evening or dining time there is another great news program which you can all type of news such as sport, social, international news as well as economic news too.

Also there is live news at anytime the big event happen or any fire or so. So keep following the news on CTN TV is really interesting.

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