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How Foreigner Can Make Money in Cambodia – Job for Foreigner

Foreigners enjoy travelling around the world but it doesn’t mean that they can afford their travelling for several months, a year or more. So, they need to figure the thing out by finding the best solution to earn well. Like, they can easily find a job in Cambodia if they are foreigners. Frankly; since Cambodia is a developing country, we Cambodian value foreigners in term of knowledge and creativity. So, if you are foreigner, you don’t have to worry to find a job here. Let’s start with some  guide that help you to make money in Cambodia as foreigner:

1. English Teacher

There are many English schools in Cambodia. Most of them are open with high quality and standardization. If you are a foreigner and know English pretty well, and you wish to have a good job here, you would suggest to be an English teacher. Because the rate of English teacher is high in Phnom Penh city, you probably can be one of them. Who knows? English teacher is the common job that you can apply for. And you will be chosen as I said above, Cambodian value foreigners in term of knowledge here. Let try this out!

2. Model

How about being a model here? If we are talking about foreigner height, we would think of the standardize height. The first impression would be, most of foreigners are tall. It is a stereotype that we commonly talk about. If your height is at point, you can apply for a model. Don’t be afraid to show your beauty because makeup also can help you. Height comes first in this case.

3. Actor / Actress

Being an actor or an actress is cool, not most people can easily have chance to do so. Because of movie industries rise in Cambodia like growing mushroom, actors and actresses are needed in this field. Not only in need of Cambodian to shoot the movie, if you are foreigners, you also have chance to be a part of us.

4. News Writer

Plenty of TV news channels or radio news channels are reporting the news in English language. So, there is no doubt for you as a foreigner to working here. You can be a news writer. You will be proud when your article becomes famous, who knows?

5. Business Man/Business Woman

How about running business in Cambodia? You don’t need big money to invest in big business here. Your enough amount of money can open shop here without worried. So; here are some business ideas for you to invest in, such as: mini mart, small pub, small restaurant, small company that run by a few staffs and etc. You are going to earn well her.

2 thoughts on “How Foreigner Can Make Money in Cambodia – Job for Foreigner

  1. It think there various ways for foreigners to make money… The most popular job is teaching… I see that most temporary visitors say here and teach children to earn their living. Anyway, there are also other jobs for them if they are trying to seek for… I have several friends in Siem Reap who work as musician and singer too. Thx

  2. Here are some great ways to make money in Cambodia. When it comes to making money in Cambodia one of the best ways is to actually teach English without even needing to the native language of Cambodia, you can earn upwards of around $1,500 a month doing this which enough to cover expenses.If you are a foreigner to the country and your English skills are good then all you need to do is hire a translator to work with you, you can find people who have great English skills but are currently out of work and will be very happy to work with you for a very small amount.

    If you plan to do this you will be accepted on a business visa to Cambodia and will be ready to teach English for many high paying customers and students.

    All you need to do when teaching English is just try and remember back to your school days, how did you learn English, I know it was a very long time ago but think about how you learnt to write English, you may be started with your own name, how do you write your own name then how to say simple words in English such as Hello, Thank you, How are you? My name is Bob, I live in Cambodia, Good bye, for example all you need to do is work on basic words and then build up, if you have access to the internet when you are in Cambodia all you need to do is search on Google for basic images of dogs, cats, apple’s, boys, girls, man, woman, doctor, pencil,
    paper, house, food  etc.. Basic examples as quoted once you have these images all you need to do is write the English version and the Khmer version next to it and have the student copy it 10 times like you may have had to do in pre-school.

    Once you have done this for some time and have the funds available you me want to look into other ventures. One very hot niche right now in Cambodia is internet café’s. They are highly in demand in most major areas in Cambodia and it’s a great way to make money. Even if you rent a small room in the city for the equivalent of $200 a month as long as it can fit in about 10 computers you can make some serious money. If you open 24/7 hours a day you can charge people $1 per hour to use the computer with internet
    access as some Cambodians do not have enough money to buy an actual computer and pay for an internet connection every month. Technology in some areas of Cambodia is still quite slow and is reminiscence of about 10 years ago by US standards. You can fill a room up with 10 computers charge $1 per hour that’s $10 per hour, $240 an hour for all day long and all night as long as every computer was full. The last internet café I went to in Cambodia there were actually people waiting for a spare computer and
    this was a space with over 50 computers. All the computers where quite old running old versions of software. The machines
    would cost very little in the US maybe $10-20 each from a computer flee market.

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