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Are Cambodian people friendly? – Travelling Cambodia Tips

“Are Cambodian people friendly?” , I believe you wonder about this before you go to Cambodia for the first time. And people are really an important factor when going to any country.

Of course, I can say that Cambodian people are very much friendly but only they are a bit shy. So I think you don’t find them very helpful at first. But when they meet you sometime they don’t talk to you but they will smile to you. And if you know some Khmer, you should try to greet with them and they will reply to you back because they are so friendly but only they are shy.

Also now I want to tell you something about talking with them. First you should know is about Cambodian people is really funny people that the best topic to communicate with them is about something in general, but however Cambodian people seems not to mind talking about family or work/business. But what you should know and care is about some tattoo as well as be polite with them. But however, Cambodian people are kind , they don’t mind much if you have any intentional mistake because they think that you are foreigner.

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