khmer24 – Best Khmer Free Classified Ads Website is the first and most popular free classified ads website in Cambodia. I think we can call it Cambodian Craigslist.  Was found in 2008, Khmer24 now has thousands of members and many free ads are posted daily on this website. There are some reasons why it becomes the most popular,[…]

sabay-news – Sabay News Website []

What is Sabay News Sabay News ( is a local news website in Cambodia which mainly focus on entertainment and lifestyle news as well as tips and daily interesting stories to all the reader. It is found in 2010 by Sabay Digital Corporation which is known to be a biggest online gaming company that time[…]

camhr – Best Website to Look for a job in Cambodia

Among all many other Cambodia Job listing website, seems to be a leader in this industry. As other countries, since the boom of the internet in Cambodia, there are more and more websites created in the job niches to offer more opportunity for local as well as the expat to look for[…]

Top 10 best Steering Wheel Covers in 2016 Reviews

If you relish your ride, you now need to gift it a lift with a stylish, cool, reliable and durable steering wheel cover. A steering wheel cover is important to not just complement your car interior, but also to have you a more comfortable and stable, safe steering. Further, it[…]

How to Get Rid of Spiders at Home

While most of the spiders in your region prefer to live outdoors, occasionally you are going to run into a few of them that found shelter in your home while they were in search of a food source. The best way to eliminate the spider problem is by keeping them[…]

How to Get Rid of Roaches at Home

Cockroaches in the home is not only annoying for family members, it can be quite dangerous because these insects carry different diseases and can contaminate food they come in contact with. In addition to spreading diseases, they can destroy electrical wiring, books, and clothing, so the sooner you remove these[…]

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Keeping your suede shoes cleaned can be a real challenge because it only takes the slightest amount of dirt or water to cause them to look dirtier than they really are. Learning how to clean suede shoes safely is easy if you use the right tools and follow some simple[…]

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floor is one of the best flooring types that you can use inside your home today. This floor is very useful to decorate all rooms in your property. You also need to take care of all floors that are available in all rooms these days. It is very important[…]